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Church of Christ restored April 6, 1830



Michael Kelley


Back in 1983 I was converted to Christ in a small 7th Day Adventist church and was preparing for baptism. A relative sent me a Book of Mormon and asked me to pray about it. I was given a few scriptures from the Bible which seemed to prophecy of this book though being a Saturday worshipper I was inclined to disregard the request. Yet the scriptures intrigued me… and my faith was new and alive at this point in my life so I held the Book of Mormon in my hands and simply looked up to God and asked Him in simple faith if it was true or not.  

What happened next was something I never experienced before or had known was even possible. I was told, not through my ears but straight to my heart… “The Book of Mormon is True, The Book of Mormon is True”. It was like a lightening bolt of pure certainty that made any form of doubt impossible. Along with this manifestation came a profound sense of Fatherly Authority that could not be questioned, and a Divine Love that I never knew was possible. The event moved me so much that the very next day I purchased a sack full of Book of Mormons and handed them out to many of my friends and relatives urging them to read it and pray about it. The funny thing was I was asked by one what it was about and I had no idea because I myself had not read it yet!

Soon after this I was led to the Church of Christ and after much study found them to be the closest representation of the Church of Christ as described in the Book of Mormon and I have fellowshipped with them ever since. Michael Kelley

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